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Welcome to the music page. This is a free resource to help you learn to play worship style piano and in the future, also guitar.

For now the songs being taught are songs I have written, which you are free to sing and lead worship with, but not to sell or include on an album without express written consent. I retain rights to these songs but do allow them to be used in Christian worship services. I ask that credit be given for myself as the author and composer of the songs, with "by Joshua R. Embry" being listed on any slides or reproductions of these songs. For print outs I ask that you also include
All of that being said, here are the resources:

My YouTube Channel, which contains all of my worship songs. They are also arranged in a playlist if you'd like to play through them all. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Simple Piano Chord Diagrams
PDFs and Word Docs of all worship songs

Or scroll below to see the basic piano chords.