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2013 - An Unexciting Year in Mobile Phones?
By Emily J Jayden

2012 has been, as expected, quite simply the most exciting year in the history of mobile phones- not to mention consumer technology in general. We've already seen the dawn of a new tablet PC war that was recently joined by the iPad Mini, arrival of the iPhone 5 that we had originally expected to see previous year and the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 - the biggest and best Android Smartphone in the history of the market.

In fact, there have been more major product launches in 2012 than in any other year since the dawn of the Smartphone revolution, with records being broken across the board and new standards being set on a daily basis. Seeing such trends, you'd probably assume that 2013 is going to kick things up a notch and basically run circles around 2012 in terms of excitement and Smartphone prowess.

Sadly however, you'd be very much mistaken. Let's see how:

Be Careful what you Wish for

The situation as is stands at present, can be illustrated in the form of a single device - that being the legendary iPhone 5 from Apple. Ever since iPhone 5 failed to make an appearance last year, the rumor-mill went relatively crazy in its attempts to paint a weird and wonderful picture of what to expect. From a larger screen to a faster processor to a slimmer case to a better battery to 4G LTE connectivity and so on, the wish-list was a large and most realistic one.

Fast-forward to Q3 2012, the iPhone 5 finally arrived and made good on the hype. As expected and hoped, it delivered a larger screen, slimmer body, new OS, better battery, 4G LTE and so forth. What's more, it immediately broke all existing Apple sales records and continues to do so today.

So, why is it then that even taking into account all of the above, tech-gurus are still not as excited as they should have been?

Bigger, Not Better

Well, the simple answer is the fact that while the iPhone 5 took several things to the next level in terms of specs and features, it didn't actually bring anything new to the table whatsoever. Yes it was faster than the iPhone 4S; yes its screen was bigger; yes it had 4G LTE connectivity and it was pretty amazing to look at; but technically is was nothing more than an iPhone 4S with a shot of espresso woven into the lining. In fact, Apple's Android rival Smartphones had already been offering massively faster processors, larger screens and 4G LTE for months.

Is this really what it has come to? Just recycling old ideas and giving them a new lick of paint or injection of vitamins?

A Gloomy Outlook

Sadly, when looking at the current Mobile Phone market realistically; exactly where else could developers go that hasn't already been done? Smartphones are already all-powerful computers and digital cameras with phones attached; therefore, how will it ever be possible to break the mold again?

Based on such facts, expect big things in 2013; though pretty much nothing we haven't already seen before!

2012 has been registered as best as far as growth and development in Mobile Phones is considered. However, things might just be slightly lacking in the coming year. Learn more about different aspects that might serve to hinder the advancement of Mobile Phones industry.

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