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Let's Talk the Future - SharePoint 2013!
By Daliah Kaif

Microsoft SharePoint is a revolutionary breakthrough web application platform developed by Microsoft. It was launched a decade and a year ago, in the year 2001. It was referred to as being an internet facilitator, associated with content management and document management. In the due course of time, many new versions have been launched with many more enhanced capabilities.

There are more than 4000 associates and a little over 135,000 people working on SharePoint in order to provide better solutions. This is why; people are eagerly waiting for the SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 15. Everyone in the tech town is quite excited. SharePoint Application Development is becoming more and more popular owing to this.

Cloud Platform

There is no denying how helpful the whole buzz about operating on the cloud platform has been. Most business owners are shifting to the Office 365 go ensure that they get an increased efficiency, better websites and a higher customer reach, which will, in turn, further propel the company to desired heights. With the coming launch it is expected that Microsoft is in fact providing SharePoint as a service and hosting server altogether, and for the first time. This assures people of infinite creative possibilities.

What's new in the new SharePoint 2013?

Wondering what all are the new features in SharePoint 2013? Well, here's the list you are looking for:

New SharePoint Experience

Everything about the latest version of the SharePoint spells new. Microsoft guarantees a fresh user experience to the people. They claim that the new design is absolutely 'clean and simple'. You can get a quick access to all the documents, news feeds and other sites, to get a unique and engaging experience. Saving documents, sharing content, editing lists and theming sites was never so simple in the past. The new SharePoint allows you to cater to all your activities while on the go through mobile or tablet devices.

Universal Social Networking

Since an improved experience is the chief area of importance here, Microsoft has heavily improved the SharePoint's collaboration tools. Rich new micro blogging, Newsfeeds and social features like community have been added. You can basically access all your data in one place, consolidated for your ease of access. You can follow and share sites, documents, trending hash tags in a much better way for a great social factor. Since Microsoft has already established its taking over Yammer (the fastest-growing enterprise social networking vendor) one can expect a lot more to come.

SkyDrive Pro

Save, sync, share and collaborate is all drop-dead simple with the new SkyDrive Pro that makes it super simple to work with your documents in SharePoint. It functions with an agility that is simple yet strong. It also provides an increased level of consistency.

The SkyDrive PRO as the name suggest has become "pro" at:

In order to get the documents offline, simply click "Sync" on a SharePoint library and the needful will be done.

SharePoint Sites
Whether you have created or followed sites, or even if there are sites that have been promoted by your organization or the new recommendation platform, the "Sites Hub" will show them all in one place. Microsoft has streamlined the new site experience. The team collaboration tools have been so expanded that they can perform tasks that people would only imagine earlier.

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