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Six Sigma Projects in Mobile Work Environments - Can It Work?
By Tony Jacowski

Every business needs to have the most efficient and high-quality processes possible. Mobile work environments are no exception to this rule. If anything, it is more critical for them to have efficient and streamlined processes, because they are never in one place for long. They're constantly changing locations and setups, which can create a lot of chaos and inefficiencies. Utilizing the tools of Lean or traditional Six Sigma Projects can offer a lot to the mobile work environment.

If Six Sigma Teams can be spread all throughout the world for one particular company's project, then it just makes sense that a team can be formed for a mobile company. It doesn't matter what industry you are in or what your business is, because there are benefits to be found for just about any business process producing a product or service. As long as you take the time to check out all of your options, and ensure that process improvement is the right choice, you will do absolutely fine with it.

With the increase of technological innovations and the fast pace of today's society, mobile work environments are becoming increasingly popular. If they can't experience process improvement in the same way that other businesses can, they will never succeed. Therefore every company needs to assess their own situation, and determine whether Six Sigma Projects are the right solution for them or not. The mobile work environment is no different than a traditional work environment except that it is constantly moving and does not sit still. However, the same applications can be used in this environment as those that are used in traditional businesses with permanent locations. Don't sell your business short by thinking that you could not benefit from all the great tools that this process has to offer, simply because you have a transient location.

You need to assess your particular situation before you can make any decisions, as with any business decision. You cannot magically assume that because Six Sigma worked for one company, that it will work for yours. Similarly, you cannot assume that because it didn't work for someone that it won't work for you. These Projects are completely situational, and the results depend on the team that is performing the Six Sigma Methodology and not the actual projects themselves. If you have a reliable team that can help to increase the productivity and limit the wastes in your mobile workforce, you should give these Projects a try to see how they can work for you - it can't hurt!

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