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Creating an Experience That Sells!
By Vanessa Simpkins

My friends Mary and Elias drove me down from the Cloud forest mountain town of Monte Verde to the Pacific coast here in Costa Rica and they insisted we stop in the beach town of Manuel Antonio.

I feel in love with this place immediately!

I also fell for an experience that I want to share with you because it is a classic teaching example on how you can "create an experience that sells" and attract more clients to your business.

Half way to the beach we drove past a restaurant called "El Avion" with, you guessed it... an AIRPLANE in it! Ouuuuu how curious that made me, I wanted to go and check it out.

The restaurant sat a top the mountainside with a sweeping view of the blue, blue ocean. I invited my friends to stop for lunch there. Now this is a pretty tourist town with at least 100 resto's to chose from, but it was the airplane restaurant that won our wallet that day.

The food was alright, nothing extravagant really except the prices!

And here in lies the lesson... this restaurant beautifully "created an experience that sells" and was able to CHARGE MORE for that experience. Same food you can get anywhere else really but the EXPERIENCE is what let's them get away with charging more for it. AND to tell you the truth I was MORE than happy to pay for that experience.

1- They piqued my curiosity with an airplane, I just HAD to see it!
2- Offered a once in a lifetime experience of having lunch overlooking this sweeping gorgeous view of the ocean.

In truth we decided to eat there just for the experience of being able to overlook the ocean while we ate, the airplane was what drew us in.
So I hope this story illustrates the key teaching points on how you can create an experience that sells.

How can you illicit CURIOSITY from your potential clients?

Perhaps it is a special sale that you offer, a bold statement about a promise only YOU can deliver, something for FREE that is really, really juicy, or a story about something wild and new.

The saying goes - curiosity killed the cat!

How can you create a "once in a lifetime" experience for your client? What kind of products and services can you deliver or OVER deliver on value so that they feel blown away or awed and "special".

Everyone LOVES to feel special!

The restaurant was also perfectly set up in the flow of day in and day out traffic of it's ideal clients - tourists with money to spend on having "the once in a lifetime experience" to go home and show off about". Hence ahem... my photo's.

You see it isn't the PRICE of something that sells it's the EXPERIENCE.

So... what kind of experience are you selling? What stories are you sharing with your clients? What messages does your business speak to your clients?

I leave you with some thoughts to ponder from sunny Costa Rica! And if you want to read a fabulous book on the art of persuasion I highly recommend a book by Robert Cialdini called the "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" very interesting read.

To Your Love, Expansion and Freedom,

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