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Sales Management Development: Helpful Strategies
By Carlotta Jones

The performance of a sales team is inseparable from the quality of management it receives. When management uses the right approach for coaching and rewarding representatives, and displays solid insight into the sales process, a profitable sales environment is the result. To ensure that your company promotes a profitable sales environment, consider implementing the strategies below:

Coach Continuously

Coaching should be performed proactively. If management waits until a mistake is made to instruct representatives on how to avoid it, the instruction can be counterproductive for two reasons-the mistake has already been made, and critiquing representatives when they already feel demoralized can crush their morale.

Continuous coaching helps representatives avoid mistakes, and avoid feeling demoralized by criticism that is given in the wake of a mistake.

Focus on How Customers Buy

Most representatives understand why a potential customer needs to buy something, but how it buys something is often overlooked. When representatives lack insight into how potential customers make purchases, the sales process lacks an important focus-assisting potential customers in acquiring what is being sold.

Once potential customers see the value of buying something, they need to know that buying it can be painless in terms of how they buy. A provider of sales consulting services can help you devise the best selling process for how your target market makes purchases.

Eliminate Control Tactics

Some managers attempt to motivate representatives by offering criticism, not by supplying positive encouragement. Although this approach can motivate some representatives, in most cases, it creates an emotional rift between managers and representatives.

Control tactics are part of an old style of management in which the manager functions as a "boss," not a member of the team. Today, it is widely considered contrary to the goals of sales management development.

Leverage the Skills of Top Performers

The success of a top representative provides a standard for other representatives to aspire to, but top performers can provide more than an example of success. Their practices and perspectives can be implemented as part of a team oriented sales approach. Although top performers often have personal talents, they also have skills that can be borrowed by other team members.

Separate Coaching and Praise

Some managers praise and critique representatives simultaneously, using the former to offset the latter. Although it works well in theory, this approach can make representatives feel undervalued, and cause them to perceive criticisms as being less serious than they are. To avoid these problems, separating coaching and praise into different information sessions is the best idea.

Offer Fair Compensation

Because representatives are directly responsible for revenue growth, they should not be undercompensated to cut costs. When top performers do not receive a fair level of compensation, they look for better opportunities, and can even end up working for a major competitor of their current employer. A provider of sales consulting services can help you establish fair compensation for representatives.


Sales management development requires a dedicated approach to meeting the needs of representatives and the needs of the sales process. If your company needs assistance in these areas, contact a provider of sales consulting services today.

A provider of sales consulting services can assist with an integral part of the sales process - sales management development.

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