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Keep the Call Flow Effective Throughout the Call
By Shane Reid

Call center agent is the first person who directly get in touch with customers and responsible to handle all inquiries of your customers through the telephone, chat or mail. Call center Agents are those people who handle incoming calls or outgoing customer calls for any business . Any agent might handle account inquiries, customer complaints or any technical helpdesk support issues.So it is very important to have a good customer service representatives(CSRs) who can handle all type of customer across the globe very well and resolve their problem with very effective way.

There is no magical formula to be a good call center agent, however few things which need to be taken care by any call center agent for better customer support...

1. Should be Effective listener
2. Should has Good command of spoken and written English
3. Give the caller undivided attention
4. Use your hands to jot down important points of conversation
5. And one of the most important thing is to Keep the call flow effective throughout the call

Effective call flow means that show the caller that you are listening to them by using effective signposting throughout the call and every call should have a proper beginning, middle and clear ending.

The beginning of any call should include with a warm, informative greeting and an invitation to the caller to give the reason for calling. Call Center agents should then signpost what will happen next, what information actually they will need and what the likely outcome will be, especially if it is unlikely to be resolved by the end of the call.

Using some of checking questions (Is that OK with you? Do you have that information to hand?) and giving an indication of how long the process will take E.g. ask customer that this will take about 5 mins 10 mins or more, is that OK with you? are very useful to keep the caller calm and communicating clearly. Letting the caller know that the call is coming to an end is critical to clearing calls quickly and effectively.

Its better to ask some questions such as 'before we finish is there anything else you need to ask?' or 'would you like to double check any of the information which I've given you before we close?' or 'now that we are at the end of the call would you like me to summarise what will happen next', etc.

There is a good argument for avoiding 'Is there anything else I can help you with today?' at the end of the call as the caller may bring up something that could have been dealt with more easily earlier on, or that affects the solution you have just given. If this is a useful question consider asking it at the start of the call when the caller first outlines their reason for calling.

Its very important that every call should have effective beginning, middle and end and there should not be any type of up and down throughout the call. And as call centers agent you need to listen each customer very effectively, so that before hanging up the phone they don't have any queries in their mind.

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