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Outbound Vs Inbound Marketing: Time for Change
By Michael T Thomas Jr

Outbound vs Inbound Marketing is a comparison that you must weigh for your business when developing marketing budget allocations. But why? Outbound (traditional) marketing methods have worked. This is true. However, times have changed. Thanks to Google, consumers have the power to research before making decisions. You MUST make yourself visible when consumers are searching for products and services related to your business.

Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the process of "blasting" your business and brand to broad audiences in hopes that a good percentage of that audience notices, needs, and remembers you. Some outbound marketing methods include:

Really think about the list above. Aren't these things annoying? Don't you have better things to do with your time? Reality is that if these methods annoy you, they most likely annoy your potential customers as well.

Outbound marketing relies on past data and observations to develop a campaign that an audience MIGHT notice and act on. Yes, historical data and observations have potential to predict the future with some level of accuracy. The risk in this is that people's likes and needs can change very quickly which distorts the historial aspect, making outbound marketing strategies less effective.

Today you can easily ignore every single method of outbound marketing mentioned above with technology. Google, caller ID, spam blockers, and DVR systems allow consumers to skip and block over outbound marketing methods easily.

Don't get lost in the shuffle.

Inbound Marketing is the process of using online and mobile tools to get found by the people that are looking for you. Quality leads and customers for your business will emerge from this process. Inbound marketing relies on earning the interest and business of people with problems that you can solve. A few inbound marketing methods include:

Another unique feature of Inbound marketing is real time feedback. Blog comments, social media sharing, and followers give your business the power to engage with customers. This feedback will teach you what your audience wants so you can adjust quickly and efficiently.

Let's look at a comparison we all can relate to, dating. It's easier to win the attention of a person you like when you understand what their interests are because it allows you to position yourself appropriately. It is harder to push yourself on ten people hoping that one of them will be the one. Inbound Marketing techniques help you learn and build a solid relationship with the right people.

By focusing more on inbound marketing, you will provide more value to your audience. More trust equals more leads which results in more sales. Inbound Marketing isn't free, but it is cheaper than most outbound marketing strategies. The budget allocation is worth it once you analyze the quality of leads and conversions you attract. So what are you waiting for? MAKE THE CHANGE.

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