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Competitive Edge on Sales and Customer Services
By Shah Salman

Online Knowledge Base System

Today, more and more enterprises rely on the Knowledge Base Software. But just what is Knowledge base software? The functional specifications of a Knowledge Base Software greatly vary from company to company but in short Knowledge Base system is a term used to describe a software application that is used to organize information, and provide a way to retrieve information in the future. In large corporate settings, Knowledge base administrators are charged with legally and ethically collecting, analyzing, and applying information and set the methodologies to retrieve that data by using knowledge base software. Good Knowledge Base Software leads to efficient use of organizational resources that ultimately helps a company gain a competitive edge. Enterprises can deploy it in their system with a small time and financial investment which will help them become more effective in competitive sales and customer services.

Knowledge base software is an intelligent system which can instantly and accurately answer repetitive customer questions on a 24/7 basis. Knowledge Base (KB) software is very easy to configure on your website, it's so easy that you can have Customer Services System working on your website in about an hour. Knowledge base software can be designed to learn and grow your customer services and sales experiences. In cases where a question cannot be answered, Knowledge Base Software will make it easy for the customer to contact you by email and will also record the question so you can use the information to improve the system.

Leading-edge Technology that is affordable for smaller businesses and organizations

Although large enterprises pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for getting Knowledge base software for customer services but there are many versions of these Knowledge base software that are quite cheap and work in a similar fashion to the high-end knowledge base/customer service software and implement and maintain and thus benefits the smaller organizations and companies.

Fast answers when response time is critical

While managing an E-commerce business, it is very important to convert your visitor into a customer. As e-commerce business depends on persuading a customer to buy online, it is very critical to answer the questions of a potential customer. If you fails to answer your customer in time there are high chances that he/she will never return to your website to give you business-even if you respond to that query within hours through e-mail.
Knowledge base software is a solution to this problem. You can increase your customer satisfaction by offering them customer services and technical support through Knowledge Base Software, while freeing you and your staff from answering the same queries again and again.

Better than an Email Auto Responder

An intelligent knowledgebase system can give precise answers to specific questions (as opposed to a long automated email which may or may not answer the customer's question). An intelligent KB management software can answer queries at once, while customers are still at your website and in a position to place an order.

An interactive alternative to traditional FAQ's

An intelligent KB management software makes it easy for the customers to get the answers of the most of their questions. KB software responds to the specific questions. It also allows you to include the answers to such question you might not prefer to publish on the FAQs page. For example, if you want to provide help for known problems in a software product, you can do it without publishing a complete list of bugs on your FAQs page.

Faster, easier and more anonymous than email

Sometimes the KB management software can not answer the question of the customer. In this case KB system provides an alternative mechanism to answer customer's queries. Most of the time people show reluctance to ask a query through their e-mail from unknown businesses due the growing problem of spam. An intelligent KB management software allows the visitors to ask their queries without providing their e-mail addresses. is a PHP Powered Knowledge Base Software [] that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base. For more information . Please check out Kblance website at []

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