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Going Green - Why Going Green Isn't Really That Hard
By Maria Peterson

If you haven't heard, the planet isn't doing so well these days. Global warming is just one symptom of the disease of our times. Human beings are what is wrong with the planet today. We are also the solution to this mess we have created.

Do you ever sit in bumper to bumper traffic and wonder where all those exhaust gases escape to? Ever wonder what happens to the chlorine laden water you wash down the drain when you clean your bathroom or kitchen sink? Have you contemplated how many single-use plastic bags land up in the land fill because it is so much more convenient than carrying a reusable bag with you? How many plastic water bottles have you consumed this week?

That is what going green is all about. It is about becoming more aware of the environment and the impact we have on it. Whether we like it not, a little bit of effort can go a long way in preserving Earth the way it is. And that goes for our children's children's children.

Going green isn't supposed to cost more money. Not more than you are already spending anyway. You will actually start to save money. And what better way to be an example to our children and our community than to recycle and live in harmony? Sound too good to be true? Here are a few things you can start today to go green. Some of it doesn't even cost a thing. It is just a choice you make.

1. Be prepared before you go grocery shopping. Take reusable bags with you to put your groceries in. Not only do you look more stylish, you stand out of the crowd because you made a conscious decision not to cram our land fills up further with single-use plastic bags. Reusable shopping bags come in all shapes and sizes and the nifty ones even fold into a pouch that fits most purses and glove boxes.

2. Use vegetable-based, chlorine free biodegradable cleaning supplies. Chlorine might be an effective cleaner but you should see what it does to fish when get into contact with it in the 32 billion gallons of contaminated runoff when it lands in the ocean ever year. And that is only from the USA. You should check out what the toxic fumes does to your lungs. Its ugly, believe me. Plus, using biodegradable earth-friendly products doesn't mean they are less effective. As a matter of fact, they are normally more concentrated so that a little goes a long way.

3. Don't buy bottled water again. Did you know that it takes 1.5million barrels of oil to produce plastic water bottles each year? You could potentially save $1400 a year on buying bottled water when the stuff that comes out of your tap is probably of a higher quality than what is in those plastic bottles anyway. And have you seen how cool the reusable drink bottles are these days?

4. Eliminate phantom power - it takes approximately one second to unplug the charger for your cell phone, mp3 player or iPad - but if you really can't be bothered then let nifty, solar chargers or energy efficient gadgets do the work for you. You could cut your power bill by as much as 10percent annually.

5. Replace your light bulbs with LED's.

6. Start composting. Yes, even if you live in some high rise box. You could turn all your organic kitchen waste into great compost for those herb boxes in your window sill or flowers on your balcony. You get wonderful counter top waste containers that don't smell.

7. Rather buy green fashions - think organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and other sustainable, natural fibers as well as recycled fabrics. You get the most fabulous purses and wallets made from recycled inner tubes.

8. Use biodegradable, compostable bags for your garden, home, pet and office waste.

9. Give green gifts and feel even better about your contribution to the environment.

10. Car pool, ride the bus or consider buying a hybrid vehicle.

You see, this whole going green business isn't a government conspiracy, a money-making scheme or a hippie thing - although they grow pretty powerful herbs. It is about making a conscious decision about how you interact with the planet. This respect will grow and people will start to follow your crazy ideas on how to save energy, create compost and grow a healthy lifestyle.

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