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Going Green Can Help Your Business
By Geno Bulzomi

Going Green can be a label used to set you apart from your competitors. The best way, if you have your own building, is to research how to make it carbon neutral. Invest in renewable energy sources for you business. There are benefits to going carbon neutral: 1) it can be very good press; 2) it sets you apart from your competitors that are killing the environment; 3) it helps the environment; 4) and there could be tax breaks at the local, state or federal level. This is a legitimate way to cash in on the Going Green movement that is worth looking into. If you can write off the cost, attract customers, and help with fighting global there a reason not to?

Carbon neutral is simply the balancing of carbon producing energy sources with non-carbon producing sources, like solar power. Using equivalent amounts of power from both sources is basically being carbon neutral. Set your business apart from competitors by striving towards becoming the first carbon neutral organization in your community. The free press from this will be free advertising. You will get more customers if you are legitimately a carbon neutral business.

Cash in on your environmentally friendly initiatives. Hold seminars at your place of business to show homeowners how they can become carbon neutral homeowners. Take it a step further by having a tree give away at your business to off-set the carbon footprint of non-carbon neutral businesses in your community. The bottom line is that you will get free advertising and make money while helping the environment. That is a very good business plan.

Geno A Bulzomi
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