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Is Your Business Going Green?
By Arthur Avington

In these uncertain economic times, a business needs to be sure that it is keeping up with the trends. If a service, manufacturing, or sales firm is seen as being old-fashioned or behind the curve in any way, profits can suffer. One of the most important trends for businesses to be aware of, for many reasons, is the environmentally friendly trend - a business going green.

Most people think of recycling when they hear about something or someone going green. And of course that's a big part of the whole environmentally accountable movement. Recycling can be as simple as having an aluminum can container in the break room, or it can be an integral part of a manufacturing system in which waste from a process is disposed of in an ecologically and economically sound manner. It's also important to make sure your employees are on board with the effort, and are understanding of and genuinely involved in your business going green.

Another way that a business can be environmentally responsible is in the type of materials used for packing and shipping their products. Recyclable containers and shipping materials are now available for almost any conceivable use, and your customers will notice how you are making an effort to clean up your act. Word does get around, and the reputation of your business will be kicked up a notch by going green in the packing and shipping department.

It may be an unseen area for most of your customers and even some of your employees, but using green products in a service business and raw materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible in a manufacturing concern will yield benefits in the long run. Again, the public image of your business can't help but get a boost when you let folks know how you are making an effort to keep your business going green, from the front door to the loading dock. And for a service business, the use of green products for cleaning and other industrial purposes can accomplish the same feat - getting with the program for the new millennium. We all need to understand and recognize the importance of a business going green, and the modern firm can set a good example and still turn a profit.

We suggest businesses strive to use green cleaning products that are plant-based, free from petroleum, and use cleaners and detergents made from renewable, biodegradable resources, making these products good for the environment. Businesses don't have to sacrifice clean to be natural! Care for your business, employees, and the earth in the Eco-friendly way!

Author Art Avington and employees are consumers that believe that everyone should aim for green living, not only is it better for the environment, it's also very important for our health. Using Green Cleaning Products with non-toxic ingredients made from renewable, biodegradable resources is not only an environmentally conscious choice but its also beneficial to the consumer. The Benefits of Going Green for a business are too important to ignore, especially when we have to consider the health of our business, family, employees, and their futures.

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