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State Company provided greeting
(most will include the company name, your first name, and thanking the customer for calling. (View Outside Sources to Validate this flow)
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Gain an understanding as to why your customer is calling.
Whats going on, are there any issues?
Ask until you have a complete understanding of the issue and what the customer is seeking.
If the customer's goal is unclear, get enough information to be able to address the concern or issue. Sometimes a customer doesn't know what they want or need.

Access your companies knowledgebase, this can include any online systems or documents they have distrubuted, even co-workers.
Always use whatever resources you have available to come up with a solution to your customer's issue, even if it's outside of the box.

Prepare your solution in the most favorable light.
Take time to package it well, have a clear reason why this is the best option.
Whenever possible position 1-2 solutions, recommend the first.
Position the 3rd or other options only upon the customer declining the first 2 strong options.
If needed return to the Researching Solution part of the call, and gather more information, inlcuding why the other options will not work for the customer.

Most companies capture customer call details. Use your own company method.
Note accounts, fill out call trackers, update systems, whatever needs to be saved or documented so the next specialist knows what you did for the customer today.
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All customer service driven environments are dependent on keeping your customer happy.
Ask the question, make sure the customer is satisfied with what occured today.
Follow company policy.
Thank your customer for reaching out to you today.

Most calls can provide valuable feedback and information that could be useful to your peers.
Share or log this information.
Some companies trend call drivers - why are customer's calling?
Some companies track solutions. What did you do to fix this today, maybe it could be helpful to a peer.
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